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Heavenly Brown's Beauty Supply

- was founded by Lainga (Luh-ing-uh) to bridge the gap between product buying and true product knowledge. She was fed up of going into the local beauty supply stores shopping from people who didn't understand how different products effected different types of black hair but could tell her about every weave in store. She tried attending beauty school to learn more but only became frustrated when it wasn't enough knowledge about her black hair. She consistently takes it upon herself to try different haircare products on her own hair so she can give better recommendations to her customers. Lainga better known as Lala took as far to cut off her own typically relaxed hair and went natural 3 years ago just to see how those products worked as well. Heavenly Brown's Beauty Supply is fully dedicated to not just provide our customers with a wide range of products but knowledge to make sure your purchasing the right products for your hair and skin. Thank you for shopping and becoming a Heavenly Beauty.

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