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Donna Adjustable Tie Satin Bonnet

Donna Adjustable Tie Satin Bonnet

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Donna Adjustable Tie Satin Bonnet L/XL Assort. Donna Adjustable Satin Tie Bonnet is the ideal headdress for securing standard hairstyles. Our lightweight satin bonnet prevents indentation of hairstyles reduces breakage while providing and retaining maximum shine. With our satin wide edge band your edges remain smooth and sleek. With the attached satin tie you have the ability to loosen or tighten your bonnet to your liking and comfort.

  • Ideal fit for standard hairstyles (L/XL fit)
  • Lightweight Satin prevents frizz, reduces breakage, maintains moisture
  • Attached Adjustable Satin Tie secures hair & bonnet in place
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