About Us

I started Heavenly Browns Beauty Supply because I was tired of the typical beauty supply store experience and seeing people who looked like me working in those stores but not running them. The experience I always had when entering a beauty supply store was aisle and aisles of products with few or zero people who knew about any of the products therefore leaving me to search on my own, which made the shopping experience that much longer. I grew up in a mostly black neighborhood in Miami, Fl and even though it consistent of people like me the stores were all owned by others and I knew I had to change that.

That’s why I did my research and ran into a company called Stylist Solutions that helps black people get into the beauty industry by opening their own beauty supply store online. I instantly thought of so many other things I could do now that I had access to wholesale products and a website that was already built for me. I created a separate website where I added in my own custom wigs, which brings me peace to create and decided that I wanted to help other black owned hair/skin care product makers as well so I started to build relationships with them at different networking events and group Sip N’ Shops.

I want to not only leave behind generational wealth for my family but help others like myself do the same and get into the beauty industry that we were previously alienated and not given our true wealth in.